7 best tips for Homeowners in Nicaragua.

  1. The value of your house does not include the land for insurance purposes.

  2. Tying the insurance value to an appraisal will help eliminate gray areas during a claim.

  3. Special appliances, i.e., Sub Zeros or Viking Ranges, must be scheduled in the policy.

  4. Palm thatched roofs of pool cabanas may increase the premium if close to the main house.
    Furniture is covered under contents – distinct and separate from the main fire policy.

  5. The homeowners’ policy is called a fire insurance policy – but it includes earthquake coverage.

  6. No finance charge for fractional premium payments.

  7. Binders are not used in Nicaragua, so insurance coverage is not effective until it is in writing.

CSISA Seguros is a company licensed by the Nicaraguan regulatory agency known as SIBOIF, which regulates Banks, Insurance Companies, and intermediary insurance agencies.

The market demands deep understanding and know-how in how to place all types of coverage types, from Auto insurance to Aviation insurance; CSISA has developed an area of expertise in working with homeowners insurance for individuals as well as more complex insurance coverage for corporate clients.

These are areas where the experience of the staff members makes an impact on behalf of CSISA clients in terms of having the best premium cost, a well-written policy, and decades of handling claims.